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The Story

An explosion in a research laboratory housing a genetic mutation virus unleashed an airborne epidemic around the world. Individuals who suffer from rare genetic diseases were susceptible to this highly contagious virus, as animal DNA was transmitted into these ill humans. Although this virus was able to cure genetic diseases, it had one major side effect – an animal mutation gene in humans. This population, known as Hybrids, are able to speak and think like humans but are dominated by their animal instincts.

Brian Braun, a disabled young man, who was accompanying his brother Michael to his first day of work at Global Labs laboratory, is trapped in an elevator when there is a big explosion in another part of the building.  Through an odd chain of events, Brian becomes the host of a virus that will change the world forever.  He was totally burned and with no hope to live until…. he gets the germs from a worm and this allows him to acquire the regenerating capacity of the unicellular organisms.

Even though Brian is capable of acquiring abilities from different animals, he is the only Hybrid that is not controlled by the animal instincts. He can smell, hear, and see due to the contact with a Wolf and a Falcon. He has extraordinary strength and can reach speeds of 185 mph which he acquired from the contact of both a Bear and a Cheetah.

Michael Braun is a young selfish rebel who only cares about himself and his younger brother Brain, whom he protects unconditionally.  He can't get use to the fact that his little brother, who once was disabled, is now a man with outrageous abilities.  They are both being followed by the FBI since the authorities are trying to determine the origins and behavior of the virus in Brian's body.

The Braun brothers face dangerous situations everyday with common criminals and with Hybrids that are the product of the virus.  They are capable of devouring their own families with no remorse.  As they run away from the Hybrid Division, an FBI team commanded by the scientist agent Nina Lopez and Joel Johnson continue on their mission to control and investigate the Hybrids.

Michael and Brian are able to escape from the FBI thanks to the help of Isabel Zorbas, Michael's ex-girlfriend, who is later kidnapped by the X Corporation.  This multimillion dollar organization is trying to gain control of Brian's abilities and the abilities of the other Hybrids in order to form an army with the ultimate objective to rule the world.